The challenge to explore the thoughtful and appropriate application of design and technology is what I find exciting and fulfilling. With a keen focus on user interface-interaction-experience design, I aim to simplify HCI complexity through thoughtful UX in modern software.

Sr. Interaction Designer

Aug '18 - Present

User Experience Design Intern

Jun '17 - Jan '18

Co-founder and User Experience Designer

Jan '17 - Apr '18


Masters in New media Design

Jul '15 - Aug '18 


Instrumentation Engineer

Apr '13 - May '15

B.E - Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

Jul '08 - Mar '12

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Interaction Design 

The Lernr Project

MassDirect (Crowd Management System)

At the vanguard of tradition and technology, how do we plan for security & surveillance of large

event gatherings by combining with pre-event planning data, past events analysis & real-time diagnostics

A big data energy analytics platform that convert energy data into insights, that leads to optimising energy usage and assets utilization intern paying way for savings

Study on Railway Locopilots to 

Improve Work Efficiency 

This research was carried to understand locopilots work environment and come up with intervention backed by insights improving work-life balance. 


Eaze (Mind-body Assistant)

Being aware of our cognitive state and assistance to maintain healthy state will enhance

and strengthen your mind-body connections and makes you work efficiently. 


Ethnography on Temple Musician 

This ethnography was focused to understand what are the sounds that are most significant to the social group (temple musicians) as being part of social groups.

Art and

Created as a part of "Design for Railways" to depict imaginary user journey which travelers will be experiencing by being part of railway services.