Traveling without moving

Journey through motion graphics


Academic (Individual)

Jan'16 (2 Weeks)


This ad was made as a part of International Open Electives 2016 where we were focusing on redesigning the experience of a train journey in India and present it through motion graphics.

Focused areas in Video

1. Important travel information 

Distance of Travel, Route Map, Next Station, Time of Travel, Safety & Security Measures, Dos and Don'ts,
Language of Communication, Emergency Information, Platform Information.

2. Information on demand

Ordering Food, Cleanliness, Housekeeping, Entertainment, Games, Station Transits, Local Tourism, Local Food,
Feedback & Grievance Redressal. 

3. Exclusive premium facilities

Wearable Devices, Virtual Reality, Multitouch Interactions, Special Care
Accordingly segregating facilities and features for different classes (SL, AC2/3, AC1) of travel.

4. Ease of communication medium

Multi-Lingual Electronic Display Screens (SL)

Multi-Touch Infra Red Interactive Screens (AC2/3)

Holographic Smart Glass (AC1)