Academic (Individual)

Oct'16 (4 Weeks)


This module started out with the overarching theme of studies in motion. We started out with form exploration through both unrestricted and restricted geometrical techniques. These explorations developed into tesselations and artwork. Further on, these tessellations were used to design a jail (inspired from Islamic architecture) which was to communicate a story on the theme of metamorphosis.


Keeping the self at the point of interest of the environment is a crucial step to take amidst the act of performing or doing anything hence it is necessary to verify the proposed model of human proportions by measuring it ourselves.


The output closely resembles the proportions of the original drawing though not absolutely identical.

we need to crop four images from the big abstract free flow drawing and then we need to represent them with our interpretations. Freedom, Flow of life, Collision & Wall were my keywords representing these frames


                   There are a lot of collisions,

                                 Sometimes there are walls,

                                            But there is always freedom,

                                                        Which is part of Flow of life





Making of Jali 

Sketches transforming into a more concrete story about how we always wonder after seeing the magic show, deception of illusion created and things transform from magic box. 

This jali represents the out virtual imaginations of transforming the things into the way we like. The center of jali can be metaphorically expressed as a magical box which can give what we desire. Sometimes we tend to be innocent and think imagining how we can transform ourself into a parallel universe of play constructed by his vivid imagination.