Crowd Steering and Management

At the vanguard of tradition and technology, how do we plan for security & surveillance of largeevent gatherings by combining with pre-event planning data, past events analysis & real-time diagnostics

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The Premise

Living in a country with more than billion fellow Indian citizens,sharing and experiencing thousands of distinct and unique cultures of all religions and communities, hugeness and glory, I have always looked at the amount of information and means of communication that we are surrounded by and thought of ways in which it can be simplified and easily analyzed.


We all thrive for the experience of culture, festivals, events at the same time all of us wants to be safe and secure while being part of gatherings. The advantage of diversity country is we all have numerous occasions to come together. During such mass gatherings, the public or individuals are excited and anxious with a fixed set of goals but the ill-prepared to challenge sudden emerging situations.

In the last few years, India has witnessed many man-made disasters (fire, stampedes, etc.). These disasters, natural, man-made or hybrid, typically, result in a large number of casualties along with societal agony and a huge economic loss. Acknowledging this, India decided to move from a reactive and response centric disaster management approach to a proactive and holistic one. There were lot of initiative’s take to integrate the process of planning, organizing, coordinating and implementing measures that are necessary.


However, the recurring stampedes at places of mass gathering, including religious places, railway stations, sports/ social/political events etc. are a great concern too. With population explosion, urbanization, a lot of people visiting religious congregation, malls etc. there is a probability of an increase in such events. This resulted in the need for formulating an integrated and structured approach to crowd and disaster management at public places and has embarked on the same.


The crowd disasters, in general, are man-made disasters which can be completely prevented with proactive planning and flawless execution by dedicated groups of well-trained personnel with the support of emerging smart technologies.


The project objective was to design a system which will address security organizations needs and challenges in managing event mass gatherings, by reshaping and simplifying stakeholders efforts in the present practices through technological collaborations.

Identify security personals need and challenges during crowd gatherings occasions, and propose a design intervention which addresses and fulfills the present gaps in the present system and keep up with the exponential demand to provide better public safety and crowd management.

Project Brief



*I can't present or share the specific findings during user study and design recommendations due to NDA, but I can share and discuss this project personally offline.





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