Empowers Enterprises to Improve their Asset Efficiency with IoT powered Predictive Analytics.


User study and Mobile App

Freelancing (Individual)

Mar'16 - Apr'16



  • I led the remote usability studies to understand needs of the industrial and commercial managers as to how our proposed platform can allow crucial decision makers to make a timely call to action based on insights from real-time statistic data and management system optimizing energy resources, in turn reducing manufacturing and maintenance costs. 


  • My major responsibilities were to

    • Conducted user study to validate the proposed system and see how user insights can help to further simplify HCI and data visualization, saving complex calculations and on the uncertain decision choices. 

    • Designing a mobile application incorporating synthesized insights and focusing on user overall experience.

    • Gathering feedback on user satisfaction and pain points about prototype design and incorporating blank-page technique (participatory design) to help customers think aloud and co-design the potential new design.





  • To evaluate the usability of a mid-fidelity mobile application prototype

  • To elicit feedback from customers to inform design direction

    • How do customers understand the information presented?

    • How do customers interact with the prototype?

    • What features would customers like to see in the product?

  • Delivering high-fidelity mobile application and coordinating with developers.





  • Getting appointments with the managers from diverse industries and the commercial area was difficult due to there tight schedules.

  • Combining proposed system with user insights and were technically challenging.

  • Finding a common bridge for all diverse user requirements and clients proposition.



*I can't present or share the specific findings during user study and design recommendations due to NDA, but I can share the process.



Initial planning for this whole project was to have a working prototype by the end of 2 months. Organizing and scheduling interviews took additional weeks. We did manage to have a first working prototype by the end of 12 weeks.


Based on user findings and requirements and clients proposed analytics features quick concept sketching with system flow was made. Then we started refining information architecture in iterations. 

After we finalized Information architecture and interactions we moved towards visual design, branding and icons design. End of 1 week we had a low-fidelity prototype ready for quick UX testing. Based on the inputs and analysis we did changes in UI design and proceed for designing Hi-fidelity screens.




**I can't share the final UI design online due to clients agreements, but I can discuss and showcase the project offline.